Hair care tips

Hair care tips/ FAQs

Although we provide premium 9A grade extension that doesn’t mean you do give that hair hugs and kisses.

We recommend that you:

Morning and night: based on preference, comb and/or brush your extensions compassionately. Whenever detangling, start from the ends of the hair and move upwards toward your krown.

When necessary, use lightweight oil to add extra moisture.

At night: don’t just sleep on your hair, Use a silk or satin scarf to protect any visible lace, even your own edges if the style requires “leave out”.

-use a silk or satin bonnet to protect the hair extensions.

-we recommend using our all-in-one bonnet for duo protection of lace/leave out and the hair extensions. The scarf like top of the bonnet makes for an adjustable hold for individualized comfort.

To cleanse: To cleanse and condition your extensions with hydrating products to ensure longevity. Ensure that your extensions have been ridded of any tangles and unruly knots. How do you maintain/define waves and curls?

- Just like any naturally, textured hair, being exposed to air means a possibility of frizzy-looking or an ununiformed pattern for curls. To define your extensions, make sure to first dampen the hair with water and a little bit of leave in conditioner. Use a curly defining cream or gel based on personal preference.

- But note that too much gel could have you X’O extensions ready for a cleansing.

What kind of hair do X’otiK provides?

- Currently we provide 9A grade, 100% virgin human hair with lengths ranging from 10-42 inches. Due to global shortages and the high demand, longer inches past 30’ is considered a customized order and should be pre ordered first.
- We also provide different textures, which makes us so X’otiK! Regularly we provide Brazilian texture extension as it provides a more seamless blend and illusion.

What can I do with this hair? Absolutely everything you are able to do with natural human hair. Dye, and lay it to the side. If you aren’t sure what to do, go to a trusted and knowledgeable professional for installations and customizations of any bundle or lace.

Do these extensions shed? Yes. Any factory-made weft bundle of hair extensions will shed regardless of who’s name is on it. The good news is our Traces have very minimum shedding. There should be no sorts of shedding that will cause a drastic change to the appearance or “thickness” of the hair.

Things to note: The more time you go without brushing and combing while wearing these traces could make issues for your own day to day maintenance. Don’t comb wet hair unless its wide tooth, using the same techniques discussed above in the hair care tips tab. Understand that small tooth combs and edge brushes could cause unwanted shedding due to the extra and more aggressive force to the traces.

   Enjoy! Never forget to take care of your extensions. This is your hair now brat. Spoil the hair just like you are.

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